Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze & EVGA GTX 670 FTW ??

Will my Cooler Master 650W 80 Plus Bronze be able to run the EVGA GTX 670 FTW Edition?
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  1. Yes though CM aren't the best PSU's that should run it with no problem
  2. I wouldn't use either ..... The Asus TOP 670 crushes the FTW, and I'd move to a more reliable PSU when the opportunity when ya go SLI.
    EVGA SC Boost Clock is 1046 outta the box....stable at 1200 Mhz
    EVGA SC gets 3DMark Score of 8691 outta the box and 9443 OC'd
    Idle temp is 29C / load temp is 78C
    Noise is 37 dBA Idle / 43 dBA under load
    Asus TOP Boost Clock is 1137 outta the box .... stable at 1280 Mhz
    Asus gets 3DMark Score of 9340 outta the box and 9839 OC'd
    Idle temp is 30C / load temp is 72C
    Noise is 37 dBA Idle / 38 dBA under load

    That makes the Asus 7% faster outta the box than the EVGA SC, 6C cooler and almost 1/4 as loud under load (every 3 dBA is a doubling of sound level). The FTW is slightly faster than the SC, leaving the Asus model w/ just a 5% performance advantage
  3. ok thanks
  4. EVGAs 670s arent attracting me, that is why i am buying the Galaxy GTX 670 GC. Evga doesnt offer custom cooling, and the reference cards run hot. I would recommend a corsair 650W, get a modular if your case does not have good cable management
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