First build for Sims 3, help?

Hi everyone, I'm planning on building my first computer and would like to keep it in the $400-$500 range. The most I would use it for is playing Sims 3 and surfing the Internet. I was wondering if this combo would work well enough to play the game at high settings if I add a video card, and if so, could someone recommend one? (I don't need it to be a top of the line one, but I also don't really want to play with the integrated video card.)

Also, are all these parts compatible? I'm totally new to this so I just want to make sure everything will work perfectly! I would assume Newegg wouldn't put something together that wouldn't work, but just wanted to be sure! Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: Here's a quick look at the requirements for reference
2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
1.5 GB RAM
128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1
At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games
For computers using built-in graphics chipsets under Windows, the game requires at least:
Intel Integrated Chipset, GMA 3-Series or above
2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
0.5 GB additional RAM
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    My sister plays this on an old P4 machine with 256MB RAM and integrated graphics so that machine would be fine as it is, you probably wouldn't even need the graphics card. I wouldn't recommend adding a graphics card to that machine anyway since it has a very cheap power supply.

    Alternatively you could go for something like this:

    AMD A6-3500
    4GB Mushkin Enhanced Essentials
    ASRock A55M-HVS FM1
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
    Fractal Design Core 1000
    SeaSonic SS-300ES 300W
    LG DVD Burner

    Total - $339.93

    The integrated graphics on the i3 would've been OK but the graphics on this A6 are far better still, so you should be able to play it maxed out really. This is also cheaper and has a far better PSU and case. You could even add an HD 6570 or HD 6670 in future and run it alongside the onboard graphics

    EDIT: Also, if you can afford it, this would really benefit from a SSD,

    Even the lowest end SSD with the lowest read/write speeds will be a lot faster than a hard drive for loading programs and booting your OS. This should be big enough for your OS, web browser and maybe the Sims depending on how many expansions you have.
  2. Yes it'll play, depending on the resolution you might need to lower some settings.
    I was playing on a C2D 1.8Ghz with Intel integrated chipset and I had to lower some details.
  3. Thank you both for your responses! jmsellars1, I like the build that you suggested. Anything that saves me a bit and improves the overall machine sounds good to me, as I'll still have to purchase an OS and monitor/keyboard/mouse. I will consider the SSD, I didn't think I would really need one but I do have quite a few of the expansions so that could slow things down.
  4. Also, could anyone suggest a monitor for the build above? Preferably under $100... I'm going to hold off on the graphics card for now but might get it in the future... Thanks :)
  5. If you go for something like that A6, you shouldn't need the graphics card for the Sims. Even if you want to play other games, they should be OK on very low settings.

    As for the monitor, this one looks very good for the price.
  6. That looks great, thank you!
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