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My brother upgraded his video card and gave me his Galaxy 560( ) to replace my MSI 6790. After running this video card for about a week or so my computer started randomly shutting down in Tribes Ascend. I have been watching the temps on the card during game play using the g15 MSI afterburner app and it never goes above 74C and gpu usage tops at 98% (cpu holds it back : / ). The PSU I am using is not top of the line but has held up for the past 8 months Rosewill Green Series RG700-S12 700W ( ). I would not think the 560 is drawing more power than the 6790 as the 6790 was overclocked to hell and back while the 560 is at stock clocks. So it is really the PSU screwing up or is it the video card doing something weird?

PC Specs:
AMD Phen II x4 B55 3.2ghz
8 gigs ddr3 1600 ram
Galaxy 560(core clck-810Mhz, shaders-1620 Mhz, Memory-2004 Mhz)
1 Western digital 500g sata II
1 DvD-RW drive
4x 120mm Case fans

4 USB 2.0 ports filled at max. Normally just 3- Mouse, keyboard, headset
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    the 560 max load voltage is 246w.
    the 6970 is a lot more.
    per new egg the power supply 12v rail is 54a at 12v is 648w
    the ps has the rating for the video card if the parts are of good quality and the vendor is not fibbing on there ps number.
    looks like you might want to contact the ps vendor and see if there ps has a know defect that the 12v rail crashes when loaded.
  2. Could it be a heat issue? Took my side off my case and placed a box fan on high blowing air inside and it has yet to shut down, but I also re-installed windows so dunno which it is yet...
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