Video Card (Radeon HD6570) + PSU Compatibility


I have HP Pavilion p6230y Desktop

I just bought an Asus Radeon AMD HD 6570 video card.

I did a check and my HP only has a 300 watt PSU, while the system requirements for the graphics card says a minimum of 450W.

Will I be able to run this card on my current stock setup, or do I need to go and buy a power supply?

And if so, what power supply would be compatible that you would recommend to buy, that:

a) would fit
b) not overly expensive
c) suitable for my graphics card

Do I also need to change anything else internally if I upgrade the graphics card and power supply? (Ex. Cooling?)

I'm using the computer for everyday tasks (games sometimes, but not hardcore), more so interested in hooking up HDMI/DVI to LED TV to play BlueRay videos.

Any help/comments greatly appreciated.
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  1. The power requirements for the HD 6570 are minimal. It shouldn't require a PSU upgrade, I believe the max it could pull from the motherboard is 75 Watts.

    I would check the form factor on your PSU before buying, a lot of these oem sellers like dell, HP, etc use a micro ATX power supply.
  2. < the ddr3 version requires 44 watts and the ddr5 version needs 60 watts. The remaining components in that pc are pretty low powered. CPU is max 95w, the remaining components may pull another 80w max so you will be fine. When installing a dedicated video card its always a good idea to have an exhaust fan to remove the extra heat so things fdont overheat. use this power supply calculator its a good guide to the kind of power you need.

  3. This is my current PSU, is this suitable? If not, I was looking at picking up a Corsair Builder Series CX430 V2 430 Watt 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply - Canada Computers is selling it at 39.99.
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