No power at all - swapped PSU & Mobo

I'm doing a new build and upon switching on my PSU, nothing at all happened. Swapped it out for a new one and still nothing. Tested the power supply with the paper clip jump and it turned on. But when I plug it into the mono, nothing happens. I replaced the motherboard, thinking that may be the problem, but still nothing. I reseated the RAM and the CPU, and still nothing. I'm completely baffled as to what is going on. I'm 100% sure everything is connected properly.

Any ideas??
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  1. did you use the brass standoff for your mb so that the mb does not short out to the case??? got the 4/8 pin atx power plug plugged in.
  2. yes, everything is properly connected
  3. What do you have in your system, besides MB and PSU?
  4. Nvidia GTX 550Ti , 16GB Corsair RAM, Intel Core i7 - 2600K, 128 GB OCZ SSD, and 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
  5. made sure the 6 pin pci power connected to the gpu and the small 4/8 pin atx is connected to the mb..have you tried using one stick of ram and just the mb to see if it post?? that the video card or hard drive are shorting out?? mostt ime i seen the i/o shield finders be to long and they short the mb out by tuching the inside of the ethernet or usb ports.
  6. Yes, I've tried removing all unnecessary components, still nothing. I've also tried all 4 sticks of RAM in each of the 4 slots individually. Are you talking about the plate on the back of the mobo where all of the i/o ports are?
  7. yes i am they can sometime go pass the padding of the i/o plate and short out a mb.also look at the bottom of the mb in the case some case have a hump and the after market heat sinks or mb legs can sometime short out there. on the back of the mb check that if your using a metal heat sink plate it not shorting out.
  8. Took the mono out, powered up. Put back in case - still working. Started installing wires - stopped turning on. Can't figure out where it's shorting out at.
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    most times it the case header wires. you have to be carfull on what pin you use and the (+) (-) of the wires. the other issue is look under the video card when it in the mb. sometime without all the standoff or with a large video card a mb will flex and short to the case. easy fix is use a rubber spacer under the mb.
  10. That's the exact problem I narrowed it down to! It's the weirdest thing! The computer powers on and once i get 2 or 3 headers plugged in, it shuts off...

    I installed windows, but as of now, my front USB ports aren't working, except for the after market internal card reader i put in which is taking up one header spot.

    I mean, I still have 6 USB ports on the back of the motherboard, but I obviously want the front ones to work also.
  11. sounds like one of the usb cables may be mis-wired or there a short. or there a bad short on the mb.
  12. It doesn't seem to be ay particular header port or cable. Only lets you plug two or three in before it shuts off, no mater what order you plug in
  13. i would if it under 30 days rma the mb first. if the new mb does the same thing there a short in your case.
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