My Hopless Voltage

I just want to quote so PLEASE Help ME
""""phenom 2 955
msi 880gm-e41
Motherboard seems to give my CPU the wrong Voltage cause it gives it 1.43V, so I entered the BIOS and I was to surprised to see that the Minimal Voltage is 1.389V and the Maximum is 2.072, so I used AMD overdrive to underclock it to 2.6 GHZ and set the voltage to 1.125 which worked perfectly until I restarted my pc to see that the settings (voltage-speed) returned to (1.43V-3.2GHZ)
so as far as I know there are two ways to solve this problem
1-fix the BIOS problem
2-make AMD settings permanent
so Please help me"""""
so this a previous thread of mine
and I got many suggestions
one of them is updating my BIOS but that didn't work so can you PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. Guys Please Help me
    I don't want to use AMD overdrive every time I start my PC
  2. First and foremost, please flash ur bios with the latest version. The risk of unsuccessful bios flashing is extremely small.....but better use a UPS if u have one, and don;t run anything else while attempting to flash.

    Second, please check ur voltages under full CPU load using CPU-z. The normal voltage ranges for C2 and C3 stepping denebs are as follows.
    C2: 0.850 - 1.425 volts
    C3: 0.9 - 1.400 volts

    U can identify the stepping in CPU-z itself, check under Revison if its RB-C2 or RB-C3 :)
    If the voltages are within this range, then u are absolutely safe. So stop worrying, and have fun :)

    PS:- I think u have a C2, and ur mobo is rounding off 1.425 to 1.43 volts @3.2GHz while displaying. So 99.9% its perfectly normal.....even if its not, 0.005 volts extra is seriously not something to worry about :)
  3. thanks a lot for you reply $haun mine is a C3
    and my voltage during prime 96 is 1.43 V
    but can you please help me with my motherboards BIOS, the lowest voltage it allows me to choose is 1.389V
  4. and I forgot to say that after updating my BIOS I run prime 95 and CPU-Z and the voltage stayed the same but the clock speed is 1400 MHZ so I checked the BIOS and the multiplier was 7 so I set it to auto but the clock speed was still 1400 MHZ I restarted and entered the BIOS and the multiplier WAS 7
    and the voltage options didn't change (1.389V-2.072V)
  5. one thing, there's an option in the bios to reset to Default safe values. Please also uninstall AMD overdrive before resetting. See what happens, do not fiddle with any setting after doing this k :)

    If there STILL is a problem, then most likely the mobo has some fault in it:(
  6. well i updated my BIOS and reseted it to fail safe defaults but still no change
    so what do you think I should do know
  7. Best answer
    Uninstalled AMD overdrive too??? Well honestly then i'm out of ideas, sorry :)

    Just wait, some1 else with more knowledge than me shud help u out soon:)
  8. thanks a lot for your replies $hawn
    well I will be waiting for someone to HELP
  9. I don't think the problem is cause of my mobo cause using AMD overdrive I settled the voltage at 1.125V
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