Will lcd monitor emit any radiations which affect our eyes?

will LCD Monitor emits any radiation? if so, will it affect our eyes?

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  1. Oh sure, along with cellular phones that are supposed to give everybody brain cancer. Preservatives in cereal, liposuction, second hand smoke, mercury in canned tuna, the boogeyman, and oh yea, don't forget to look both ways before crossing even if its a one-way street..... :sarcastic:

    In all seriousness, you can find somebody who will find some case to make that almost anything will shorten our lifespans, but considering in 2010 the average life expectancy is 67 years, and 2,000 years ago it was something like 35.... I'll take my chances....

    I live by a code "Anything that doesn't have a risk, isn't something worth doing". I could think, well, I might live 10 more years if I quit smoking, maybe another 3 or so if I stop eating red meat, 2 or 3 if I don't drink occasionally... After awhile, I start to wonder what I'm gonna do to enjoy all those extra years of my life.
  2. Yes, the monitor will emit electromagnetic radiation which affect your eyes. Your eyes will furthermore send signals to your brain which will register as sight. I recommend not using a monitor.
  3. The screen does emit electromagnetic radiation which can be fatal.

    Like FinneousPJ said, radiation will propagate through space and pick up by your eye. It is focused by the lens to the retina and signal is send to your brain. Depend on the type of image on the screen, your brain can experience abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity which can be fatal.

    a.k.a epileptic seizure :D

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  4. YES! Yes it will!

    It emits radation between 380 nm and 700nm wavelengths (400-790 TeraHertz), which will directly affect the eyes!

    Indeed, this radiation is specifically designed to affect the eyes. We call this radiation visible light.
  5. Radiation, yes, like all electronic components, but not nearly as much as old CRT monitors. Looking at a screen tire your eyes, but has nothing to do with radiation (ok, it has, because it sends visible light, but I bet you're talking about invisble radiation).

    Recent research has shown that people looking at screens (also smartphone screens) may suffer from sleeping problems, because the brain interprets the bright light as daylight. You fool them into thinking it's day, not night, which influences your day-night cycle.
  6. Thank you all for your valuable replies...
    can we wear anti radiation specs to protect from these?
  7. shriramrc said:
    Thank you all for your valuable replies...
    can we wear anti radiation specs to protect from these?

    The only thing emitted from an lcd screen is light . Is sitting in a room with a light bulb on harmful to you ?

    But if you must look weird ,as you type, you can wrap your head with alumina foil , and punch an eye slit to look through using the pointy end of pencil .
    Mind you dont poke your eye with the pencil though
  8. You could use those welders' safety glasses.
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