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I posted this question on an old thread but it seems it disappeared on me?!

Hi everyone, forgive my newbness but I can't find any recent threads directly related to what I'm trying to ask.

I built a gaming rig before xmas but the GPU was never working properly and the PSU shorted out so I've sent them back on RMA.

I have been using my t.v as a stand in display as I need to get a monitor.

My dilemma is that I don't know whether to get a 1080p monitor (or 3 if they can stay in the 600 euro price range) OR get a 120 hz 3d monitor to be followed by 2 for surround 3d during this year OR to get a Dell U2711 for the 2560*1440 resolution which people seem to say is alot better than 1080p.

I'll be waiting for the 6gb 7970 or the 7990 in March as my main gpu to cover the maximum proposed resolutions (I have a stand in gtx260 atm).

Do I need to stick with 1080p monitors to do 5760*1080 3 screens with or without 3d or can 3 2560*1440 monitors be used for 7680*1440?

I've found 3 acer monitors for roughly the price of one u2711 so I'm debating it in my head.

Does 5760*1080 make gameplay much better or is it just for eye candy? I'd much rather great performance gaming for the minute and worry about eye candy later if ya catch my drift. Do games even support resolutions like 7680*1440?

Thanks for your time!

I do believe ubercake + guskline had replied but I never saw the replies!

Is 1920*1080 @ 120hz better than 2560*1440 @60hz? There seems to be arguments from both sides but i can get a for the same price as a
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  1. Though I never tried surround, people say once you've tried it, you won't go back to using 1 monitor.
  2. IPS is for photo geeks, it provides true color real life accuracy.

    Gamers will feel that it is washed out. It isn't really but everything else is over saturated so "true color" is oft perceived as being "pale" or "flat".

    In my house, Son No2., the photo geek has the's beautiful. Son No. 3 ha the Asus 120Hz 3D monitor..... going from one to other is a world of difference. It's way way brighter and ....shall we say "vibrant". It's not as close to 'real" as the IPS but it sure has "wow" appeal.
  3. Thanks for the input lads, I can get the u2711 reeealy cheap, about 100 quid cheaper than the cheapest "true" 120hz 3D monitor on OcUK, but I've read that after some simple adjusting the colours can look alot better, has your son tried any tweaks/adjustments?
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