Building first family computer need advice.

ok figured I would explain what I need first then go over my thoughts and hopefuls get help from people on here. I need a computer on a low budget right not for basic web surfing and casual gameplay. wont be playing cod or any fps. most demanding game that will be played will be diablo 3. recommended specs are: , I will also be playing starcraft 2. specs are pretty much the same. I really don't know much about computers just what I have read up on over the last week.

question is should I build a computer or just buy a decent refurbished one. I am working from scratch on a total 500-500 dollar budget. found a i-3, 1tb, comp at a local micro center for 350, didn't have a great graphics card as I recall but did have something.

not looking for a beast of a machine, that will come later. git three kids and just discovered comps were easy to build compared to when I was a gamer so figured id introduce my kids to computers more while learning myself. just need something that functions on a med-high.
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  1. An i3 would be great for the CPU, so long as you get 4GB of RAM and a half decent GPU like the HD 6770/GTX 550Ti/HD 6850/GTX 460/HD 6790 you should be set.

    One thing to remember though, never use the PSU included with a case if you plan on adding a graphics card. They can be OK if it's a standard home machine where it's only ever going to pull 80W or something but graphics cards can be power hungry. Any of the cards I mentioned would be fine on 400W+ with an i3 and single hard drive etc. just pay attention to how many PCI-e connectors you need too. eg. the HD 6770 and HD 6850 need one but the GTX 460 or HD 6870 will need 2.

    I hope this helps.

    EDIT: Just to add, quality PSU manufacturers include Seasonic, Antec, XFX, Corsair, OCZ. Some Coolermaster PSU's are OK but I'd check the reviews first. The XFX Core 450W is a great PSU which would handle any of the setups I mentioned.
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