Hello everyone,

I'm looking for gaming case that has amazing airflow, I can careless about looks. I would like to stay in the $100 range but if their is a great airflow case out there worth the money I might pay for it. I'm looking to SLI in the future so I need space and I have RAID 0 set up with my SSD.

If you provide me a case to look at please tell me why you chose it as well. Thanks!
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  1. I suggest slightly pushing your budget to get the HAF-XM. It is just over $100

    The case can support up to four 200mm fans.

  2. For $100 I would buy the HAF 922 no doubt. Obviosly the updated one with USB 3.0 Support/Black Interior. You can install tons of fans in it and it is a large case.
  3. I was about to suggest that however they are sold out on newegg at the moment. That revision with the 3.0 front USB ports is extremely popular. They got nearly 1,300 reviews for it already.
  4. The HAF-XM seems to have great airflow, I like that there are more options to put more large fans in. I'm kind of on the end with the power supply being on the bottom but it's not a big deal.
  5. I love the HAF Series of cases by Cooler Master. That is such an awesome product line.
  6. The best cases for 100$ is the Corsair 400R- and the BitFenix Raider- . They both have many removable dust filters that make it easy to keep your components dust free and heat sinks free of dust aiding cooling. They also both have 3 120mm fans which moves plenty of air to keep your future SLI setup cool. In addition, These cases have cable management holes with rubber grommets to make it easy to hide any unused cables that could have otherwise impeded airflow.
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