Help on dedicated render box for vray (3dmax or rhino)


I am new to this forum and not at all an expert when it comes to custom computer builds.

I would like to ask for your expert advice on a new (affordable) render-machine for the office. We are mac based where we currently are running parallels in combination with rhino4/vray for modelling and rendering. This set-up is not ideal as you know as the render-times are redicoulously slow..

I have been looking at these specs:




on all the above i am thinking (after reading some on forums..) that i need to upgrade the mainboard to the auus p8h67?
is this important or can i stick with the default?

graphics card is ok?

upgrade to 16gb ram

do i need a stronger ventilation set-up?

on option 3 the setup with the phenom x6 is perhaps also a question: is this is your minds a good solution for my user purpose? or is the i7 the best way to go?

all the above is from ebay here in germany, we would prefer getting the system from this country for tax & return reasons, but if you know any better place for getting the perfect setup for a similar price (900euro max i would say...) also then please let us know

thank you for any help on this!


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  1. Buy the option 1 , i7 2600 is great in heavy aplications and multitasking. And upgrade the memory to 16GB.
  2. One thing you should be aware of is that Rhino uses OpenGL and there have been issues with Rhino and nVidia game cards. You may want to check with the Rhino newsgroup to see if these issues were ever resolved. The AMD game cards work quite well with Rhino.
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