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Replacing Crossfire 2 x 5870's

Hi All,

I just want recommendations on replacing my 2 x 5870's (crossfired).

I run a 27" monitor @ 1920 x 1200 and have a 1K watt PS, so I'm catered for a high end card(s). I have a 1156 platform 4GB ram / Intel i7 860

I'm open to:

- Waiting for nVidia 6xx / AMD 7xxx.
- Current single GPU card solution.
- Current multi GPU on single PCB solution.
- Current single GPU in a SLI / Crossfire set up.

It’s 90% for gaming and I play a wide array of games from Skyrim to IL-2 Cliffs Of Dover. I’ve got $1K (AUS) to spend and don't care if it's AMD or nVidia.
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  1. 7970 dude, it's a beast. It's only $550 (US ) so you could get 2 for CF but that would be overkill, but would be great if u plan for some mult-monitor or 3d gaming in the future. I believe release date on the 7970 is tmrw 1/6. Thing about getting it myself.
  2. Yeah I'm definately planning on getting 3 x 1080p monitors in June / July, so I guess I answered part of my own question :kaola: That rules out a single GPU solution then :pt1cable:
  3. Ya 5760x1080 is definitely very GPU demanding especially on the newer games. But is the ultimate gaming setup. The new 7970 use less power also so you will have extra room with your 1k psu for crossfire and some great overclocking.

    Also 5760x1080 u are going to want 2gb VRAM minimum. The 7970 has 3gb VRAM so ur golden.
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    Why the rush to upgrade, crossfire 5870's are very capable, They outperform a 5970 which the new 7970 wins some and looses some with. They are a faster solution with more raw power, just less memory, and at 1920x1080 you don't need more then 1gb. You would have no problem getting good frame rates even on an eyefinity setup with two 5870's. Drivers have really improved along with performance. I just think its silly to spend $550 on a single card with really no performance increase that you will notice (maybe a little tessellation increase.) I am not calling you stupid tho because i also considered this, so your not alone with that urge to buy, but you want and upgrade and when performing well with good drivers 2 5870 > 1 7970. Goodluck
  5. and if you chose to go the 7970 route they come out on the 9th. but wait till march, the 7990 will be much more of an upgrade with 6gb of ram and 2 gpus. and about $300 cheaper then a crossfire 7970's and they expect similar results.
  6. LOL, I was just reading your thread reaxion, and have come to conclusion that instead of using the money to upgrade the graphic cards, I'm going to get the monitors now and upgrade cards later, if I need it ;)

    Thanks all :)
  7. Yea definitely wait because when you are spending $1k you want the best and until Kepler is out we won't know that.
  8. No prob, I think your making a wise choice
  9. Agree, nothing right now or near future that would show much gain over what you have. Hang tight for a bit.
  10. Well I got the monitors.

    3 x Samsung 23" 3D 120Hz SA700D, going to put these babies to a sim pit.
  11. Sweet monitors, how do the 5870's hold up for you? I have another 5870 on the way and I'm excited to get things crossfired up. The 5870 is still a kickass card and there's no reason for you to upgrade just yet.
  12. Well they're holding up quite well. Even in Skyrim I'm about 30 to 40 fps with High settings. Had to turn AA off in Skyrim and get a trainer for the menus to work, but with such a hi-res setup I don't notice the AA gone.

    I might actually hold off another 12 months on the graphics cards. I'll wait an see how the setup is with Aliens CM which is the next title I'm really hanging out for. In fact I think I might upgrade my MB, CPU and RAM, before the graphics cards. But I really would like to get a couple of SSDs above those ... but that's for another forum ;)
  13. Where did you buy your monitors from?
  14. I'm looking for a good 120hertz monitor, or a 2560x1440not sure what will give me more gaming eye candy
  15. reaxion said:

    Where did you buy your monitors from? ....

    Well I'm in Australia and I do a lot of shopping around, I got the best deal from:
    But for future hardware purchases (not monitors) I'm thinking of going with Amazon, because of the strong Aussie dollar and they ship hardware to Australia. I will be taking a risk in terms of warranty though.

    reaxion said:

    I'm looking for a good 120hertz monitor, or a 2560x1440not sure what will give me more gaming eye candy

    That's really a personal preference, you need to visit a few stores and ask them to demo a screen for you.

    I personally like 1080 HD as this is pretty much the standard for gaming for now as many games are now cross-platformed (PC, PS3, XBoX 360) etc and you can actually use HD TV's for gaming now at a cheaper price than what a dedicated PC display costs. My son recently got a 32" Full 1080p HD TV at 100Hz for his PC for $500. The games look great, they're silky smooth as the graphics card isn't locked at 60Hz and he gets to watch TV as well.
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