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I7 930 temps idle 70 degrees celcius, games 90 degrees celcius?

Hello, recently my computer has been hitting 100 degrees celcius, using a 120MM radiator and liquid (self maintained) for a year and a half. I reapplied using arctic silver 5 now idles around 60 degrees-70 degrees celcius, on full load (playing a game) its 90 degrees celcius. I applied it in the middle using the pea sized drop or whatever.
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  1. That is quite high, what is your ambient temperature and is the CPU overclocked (how much), in addition did you bump voltages?
  2. I haven't overclocked the CPU at all, I think when i had first gotten the computer it was running 40 degrees Celsius idle, and 50-60 load, i didn't mess with voltages. it's completely stock. I bought my computer from Ibuypower and yesterday was my first time opening it since i had gotten it in 2010. I had cleaned the stuff off with alcohol then reapplied it. It's either my water cooler is getting old or i applied the heat-sink wrong i think those are the only two possibilities. Another possibility is that I didn't place the attachment good enough on the CPU for good contact but i don't' think that's the case, i didn't take out the CPU when i cleaned it. I had just tried my game now and its hitting 95 degrees to 100 degrees back and forth on all cores with multicore rendering active. with that option clicked off it hits 90 max.
  3. Why did you take your cooler off to reapply thermal paste?????

    I am pretty certain you just did not apply the cooler properly, I would recommend flipping it on the side to see if gravity makes the difference, but if its a water cooler, the tubes may provide lift to it which would negate this tactic, try to reinstall the cooler once again.
  4. Well, it has 4 screws that hold itself to the motherboard on top of my CPU, which I had removed because the old thermal paste had pretty much died off. If I hadn't taken off the cooler from the top of the CPU then I couldn't apply thermal paste. Anyways I reapplied the thermal paste and smeared it around some more along with adding a little bit more than before and now my idle temp is 54-57 degree celc. when on a game it hovers around 70 degrees celc. Going to test it again to be sure
  5. dead or stalled pump?
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    I would recommend getting a new Corsair H60 watercooler kit, I had the same symptoms on a year-old Cyberpower i-7 920 that just started rising like that. The "stock" old Asetek water-cooler it was built with was equivalent to the H60 but may have evaporated too much....the new H60 immediately fixed it back to the 40's on idle even overclocked to 4 Ghz.
    You could get an H80 or H100 but those are harder to fit into smaller cases.
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  8. Thanks a lot, it turns out that the 2 year old liquid cooler must've gone bad. I went with an H80, yes the case is to small so i leave the side open but i'm getting 35-40c idle, and 55c max in game thanks. I'm sure it could be better depending on the paste (used the pre-applied)
  9. Great that it worked. Something about LCLC (low-cost liquid-cooling) either seems to wear out the radiator fan or the fluid evaporates...guess I'll see how long my H100 lasts.
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