Ethernet cable 150 ft long

I need to hard wire a computer in the workshop, about 75 feet in a straight line from router but will need about 150 ft of cable to go around and through walls. Don't know what cable would work best. Some wire will be outside but can put it in conduit if needed.

Looking on the web I found these representative cables. 150-Foot Cat6 550Mhz Snagless Patch Cable - $50

Cat5e 350MHz Snagless Patch Cable - 100ft, RJ-45 to RJ-45, Patch, Solid - $23

What does CAT 5e and CAT 6 mean. What benefit is there in getting a 550MHz cable over a 350MHz?
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  1. go with the Cat 6 cable. I would also get shielded cable. Since you're in a workshop I would assume you have electric motors and such in the building? This will help cut down on any EMF (Electro-magnetic Frequency) interference.

    Cat 6 cable is rated for higher and cleaner signal through put than Cat 5e. Both will carry 1.0 Gbs. Cat 6 can just do it better, especially on longer distances.
  2. Thank you. I take it not all Cat 6 cables are shielded, nor are they all for outdoor use. I will do a Google search but wanted to ask if you had any resources for outdoor, shielded Cat 6 cables?
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