My Computer is eating power supplies

Recently I bought a Nvidia GTX 560 to upgrade my graphics in my dell inspiron 620 along with the graphics card i bought a thermaltake 630W power supply within two days this power supply failed completely the computer crashed and would never power on again I put my old dell power supply back in and the computer powered up fine. While waiting on my replacement power supply I found a 500W PC Power Cooling power supply at my work i thought this would be enough until my replacement came in well the same thing happened I had this power supply for about two days and it burnt up and the old power supply works like a charm the only draw back as it does not have PCI-E support
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  1. What are you asking here? You need a 500 watt power supply but if your going to get another one get a 650 watt to be sure and make sure it has a 80 PLUS certification. You're lucky your whole computer didn't fry.

    Themaltake is supposed to be a decent company.

    And you can buy a dual 4 pin molex to pci-e adaprter off newegg or what ever.
  2. Was the PC Power & Cooling 500W power supply working for about two days before it died?

    Are you saying that with the original OEM power supply in your system you were able to boot up with the GeForce GTX 560 installed? If the GeForce GTX 560 isn't installed with the OEM power supply then the problem is being introduced with the graphics card.
  3. The PSU could not handle the system use this:
  4. Thanks guys i am currently replacing the video card
  5. was the video card bad or do you just not want it? i may be interested in purchasing it.
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