Iam building computer for dad

I am gonna build a new computer for my dad it will be used for online trading , some gaming, and will have 3 Lg 23 inch monitors.
it needs to be ultra reliable, what do u think,
case- LIAN LI lancool pc-k62 mid tower

pws-corsair gs600 600w

cpu- core i5-2400

mb- msi P67A-GD53 [b3]

mem- corsair vengeance 8GB [2x4GB] DDR3 1600 [PC12800] CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9

hd- WD caviar blue wd5000AAKX 500GB Sata 6.0Gb/3.5

vid- MSI R6870 twin frozr 2 Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 pci express 2.1 x1

drive- HP 24X DVD burner 1270i

os- win 7 pro 64 bit
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  1. lian li are hand made and are expensive...does he really need that if hes not an enthusiast?
    pick out a wd black for better speeds
  2. If one of the three monitors doesn't have a DisplayPort then make sure you get an ACTIVE miniDP -> DVI/HDMI/VGA adapter (DVI preferred if your monitor supports it) so you can do all three monitors from the single card. It doesn't look like the card you selected comes with one. Here's AMD's advice:

    Also, if Dad wants to play games on three screens, get a bigger PSU (so he can Crossfire later) and get him at least a 6870 2gb card. If he wants to try three monitor gaming, the extra vram is very helpful. Be aware that if he likes it, he'll probably want to XFire later so make sure the build can handle that. Of course, if he isn't interested in the triple monitor gaming thing, your original setup will be fine for gaming on a single screen.
  3. Ordered and put it together fired right up, went with a sapphire 6770 flex card instead
    it came with all the adapters for the three monitor setup which was kinda of tricky to set up, my forth successful build
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