GPU for first build, $200 - $300 price range

All right, so I'm looking to build a semi-cheap (under $1000) gaming rig and I'm just trying to weigh my options here. To go with my i5 2500K with 8GB of ram, I'm looking at either a pricier, factory OC'd 560 Ti or two cheap-ish 6850s for crossfire. Considering the latter really wouldn't be that much more expensive if I went with two of these I'm leaning toward the latter.

What do?
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  1. You could check this out a GTX 560 ti with a 448 core that would put you half way between the 560 and 570. and that would be in your price range and then save up and buy another one.
  2. The 6850's would perform better overall, but you do have to deal with some dual card issues; sometimes crossfire doesn't work and micro-stutter can be noticeable on two card solutions(I have never used dual cards personally; I just know about it and understand why it might happen).

    The 560 Ti would be more consistent in performance.

    Both setups would play today's games well. I use a 6950(equivalent to the 560Ti) and I have played BF3 with almost every setting turned up@1080p.
  3. msi twin frozr iii 560ti 448 OR msi 560ti hawk, both can be overclocked to if not past gtx 570 levels.
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