Gateway replace my WDC WD3200aajs 0817a0 in my Gateway GZ7108 with another brand

My Gateway GZ7108 has failed for the 2nd time can I replace the HD with another brand other than WD?
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    The AAJS was not the best product they ever made. It ran hot and was a bit loud... but I still have one that's doing just fine. I suspect it's not the right fit for your all-in-one computer though, as it probably needs more cooling than it can get in that cramped case.

    To answer your question, any SATA 3.5" drive will work.

    How much space have you used? Could you upgrade to an SSD? It would run quite a bit faster and has no moving parts to fail.

    Your old drive is 320GB. If you don't have a lot of large video files or such you might do just fine with a 120GB SSD.

    I also see that you have space for two drives. So if you needed more space I would recommend a slower, cooler drive as a secondary.

    reliable SSD

    Adapter for your system

    Use this AAKS model in conjunction with the SSD or by itself

    Or, if you are completely convinced you want a different brand
  2. Thanks for your answer, I tried a Seagate and it didn't work.
  3. So the HDD didn't work at all? Were you able to format it?
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  5. Proximon said:
    So the HDD didn't work at all? Were you able to format it?

    Yes but it would only go to 22%
  6. That sounds like a controller issue. I would suspect the SATA controller has failed.
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