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three years ago i bought a computer that had two 9800 gt. i want to upgrade but im not sure what to do. if i already have two video cards does that mean that my motherboard will support two new cards say gtx 560 or 570? or would i be better off just buying one high end card? or do i even need to upgrade? my main goal is to play D3 if it ever comes out. im guessing i would need a new power source too.
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  1. List us your PSU, CPU, Monitor, budget and motherboard model. I'll try to help you after. Yes you are OK with SLI/Crossfire (If you don't know what those two are is basically two cards working together like what you have currently). Again I'll try to answer more of your questions after you list us those 5 things that you have :).
  2. You may not need to upgrade, it depends on the games you are playing and what performance you are currently getting now.
    9800GT SLI is a great set up, the only good reason to upgrade is if you are playing newer games at a high resolution or if you are getting low fps.
    If you are not in a hurry , I would suggest to wait and see what new cards get released in the near future.
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