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Selecting Primary GPU Crossfire

I have a problem selecting the top slot for my monitor. I plug the monitor on the bottom slot and it works, but I cant see the BIOS screen, so i wish to use the top videocard for my monitor

2x 4850

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  1. Does it work on the top slot? If you haven't try it, try it. If there is no supported input on the top graphics card get yourself an adapter or swap the card around. Good Luck :).
  2. it doesnt work on the top slot, but crossfire works i get double framerate in Furmark
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    you should try going into the BIOS and see how to enable the top slot ( make it first. )

    be nice you list all your hardware when posting.
  4. what mobo are you using?On Most the top pcie slot is for the primary card,and monitors in a crossfire setup have to be plugged into that(primary) card only.
  5. Sometimes Crossfire will just choose which card will be primary... Mine chose the middle of my three for some weird reason, and I can't change it. No matter what order I put them in, it's the middle one. I suspect yours is doing the same, and you'll just have to put up with it.
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