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I7 960 vs 2600k when overclocked

I want a setup that will be able to max out game settings at 1080p with at least 60fps. Currently my 960 and gtx570 run a little choppy on Battlefield 3. My friend will be getting a 2600k in his computer. I've heard that the 2600k is better but was wondering if there's anything about it, besides ease of overclocking, and getting higher clock speeds, that makes it better.

For example: Would there be a difference between a 960 and 2600k clocked to the same speed? (like if both were clocked to 4.2Ghz)

Couple other questions.
Can a 960 handle 2 gtx 670's sli without bottlenecking them?

How much good does overclocking the CPU really do for gaming? Should I just stop worrying about the fact I have a 960 and focus on improving fps by getting a more power graphics configuration? ie. gtx 670
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    The difference between first generation and second generation Core processors is usually around 5-10% due to a newer and slightly more efficient architecture.

    An overclocked 960 @ 4.2ghz is approx equiv of an 2nd gen at around 3.8ghz. Not that big of a difference at all when you're looking at these kinds of speeds especially for gaming which depends heavily on GPU's.

    I have an i7-920 @ 3.6ghz and i'm doing alright with most of my games and i'm still running a good ol gtx260 (which IS the bottleneck).

    You're fine. BF3 is fairly demanding when cranked to the max @ 1080p so it is understandable you'll experience some "choppiness" when you dip into the 30-50fps range when you're usually hovering well over 60. If you want a real upgrade than look into a GTX670 or equiv AMD GPU which provides more OOmph than any cpu upgrade can give ya.

    P.S. I'm keeping my i7-920 @ 3.6 for a couple more years. Maybe add a SSD and a new GPU and it'll keep me running well for another 3-4 since it's absolutely still high end processor.
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