Breadboarded computer keeps cycling on and off without booting

Got all the parts put together and into the case, but it wouldn't boot. I took everything out and breadboarded just the CPU, PSU, CPU fan, and the Mobo to see if it would give me the missing memory beeps. Unfortunately it still cycled on and off with no beeps.

When it cycles on and off, the LEDs light up, the fan starts, the number code display on the mobo says 15, the LEDs go dark and the fan stops. Then it starts back up again. Is one of the parts faulty? This is my first build so I'm really confused and frustrated. Any help or suggestions would be awesome.

These are the parts:

CPU: Intel i5 2500K with included fan [1]

Mobo: Intel DZ68BC [2]

PSU: Seasonic M12II 520W [3]
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    Sounds Like It Not Getting A Proper "Power Good" Signal From The Powersupply Try A Different Unit, If That Dosent Work Its Most Likely Your Board
  2. you have a short

    are you certain the bread board is completely non conductive ?
  3. Outlander_04 said:
    you have a short

    are you certain the bread board is completely non conductive ?

    I'm not sure. How do I check for that?
  4. lay the mb on a different surface

    non conductive and dry

    if the power connector is still plugged in to the case then unplug that first to see if the power switch is the short
  5. Update: Turns out the PSU was dead. I wasn't aware that a dead PSU could still power the LEDs. Once we got a different PSU in there, everything worked perfectly.
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  7. Your Welcome :)
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