MSI 560Ti 448 Cores Rendering?

Hey guys,

I have a little question about the way my games play.

Im currently running this system here:

I think the video cards runs amazing so far and I dont think I'm having any issues. But before this card, I had a ATI 5770. Anyways, now when I play games like BF3, or SWTOR with high settings I noticed like the actually 'higher settings' textures/props like stream sometimes in front of me. Like they slowly raise from the game's "ground" and like I can't remember this happening with my ATI. Is this normal?

Other then that, I mean, I dont have no running issues at all. BF3 runs as expected.
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  1. What do you exactly mean? Can you post a pic? :)
  2. I mean like, say if I was moving in BF3, the ground will seriously just start slowly (but steadily & smooth) show the 'high settings' which in this case is the grass that sticks out of the ground. If you had the game on LOW settings, these 'grass' items wouldn't be showing at all. It would just be a "flat green land". Then the stuff farther infront of me, is like all lowered quality, but finally when I get closer is starts to actually looks like "HIGH SETTINGS".

    I'm going to go into the game now and see if I can find a good pic of it. I noticed it does this in several games. Im not sure this is what video cards do, to process the high settings, as in, it 'streams' the higher settings, once your into that area of view within the game? If that makes sense, you might have to re-read that part over lol.

    Brb, id get a pic.

    edit: I made 3 small videos through FRAPS if im doing this right, im saving it into a .wmv right now which is 10x smaller then what fraps recorded it as, so just hang on. If anything comes up (like can't make the video then id post back).

    edit: *** it, I give up, i cant seem to make it where a 1min video clip wont be fuckin 5GBs.
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