How to setup a network for a software to be use.

My friend shop is going to use a software to store and enter customers data. He will need to network two copmuter together. One in the front and one in the back of the store. I think the one in the back will become the mainframe, which to store data. My question is, He will need to install the software onto the 2 PC, RIGHT? and how the PC and the software should be setup, in order for the data to be store in the mainframe? By doing that, he will only need a dummy computer, right, if so, what will the dummy computer need to do such work. Or if anyone can think of any other way that he may do to achieve such task.
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  1. A simple network for only 2 computers would simply need two ethernet cards (identical recommended) and a crossover cable (RJ45). If your running Win98 SE it's pretty easy to do. Just install your ethernet cards. Make sure you have the TCP/IP or IPX protocols installed on both PCs and Microsoft for Networks. To share files install the File and Print Sharing. If you need to share an internet connection you can install the Internet Connection Sharing (Win98 SE only). You can share drives by mapping the drives. I think this will also allow you to run software off the server, but it may have limitations. For example, I just tried running a game off of another computer through my network and it didn't work (it tried though). I'll do a little digging on the net for ya'...


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  2. Here's a link for setting up a simple peer-to-peer network on Windows:

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