How does the car park itself and brakes on itself

Hey I just test drove the Ford Focus.. and as you can see in this video. It does parallel parking and brakes on its own when a car in front of you stops. How can this be done? can you explain the technology and is it reliable. Thinking of buying it. Please help. Its me on the video I am asian and speaking in Filipino here.
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  1. They just use proximity sensors to read where everything is. They work just like a radar by sending a small signal out and calculating distance by vehicle speed and the time for the signal to return. It's all pretty basic tech for the most part. The hardware has been used in other applications for decades so I don't see there being a reliability problem with it. I think Mercedes and Lexus have been using this for 6+ years now and I haven't heard any problems with it other than the first ones took a while to park.
  2. It doesn't park itself, the system only controls steering. You have to shift, gas and brake. We touch it using a Lincoln MKS in our Ford Focus / SYNC with MyFord Touch review.,3206-8.html
  3. OP was also talking about the adaptive cruise control which does control the braking and throttle as well.
  4. Ah yes, I forgot Adaptive Cruise Control is available in International market Focuses, just not the US.

    The adaptive cruise control is pretty sweet, we'll be covering it in upcoming articles.
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