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Almost everybody claims Quake like games can not be efficiently played with a joystick. Did some of you heard about aiming with a mouse in your left hand and moving with a joystick in your right hand.
Wel I do for about 7 jears now. Works fine. Especialy when the joystick is digital and you can control the speed of movement. And ofcourse have all the buttons in your reach to switch weapons etc.
Now al those new joysticks get bigger and more ergonomic. And that is just what i don't need. I currently have a ms.3d precision pro2. My old one is totaly worn out. But the new one is heavier to move, wearing out my left hand. And it is bigger so my left hand can't relax in a ergonomic way.
1. Does anybody know a suitable product?
2. Does anybody know joystick to keyboard emulator software for windows that does its work on DirectX driver level?
So it even works on "max payne".
It's a pitty many of the new games lack configuration of joysticks.

Thank's people,

Gusto - the Netherlands
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  1. Used to do that with Shogo :M.A.D.

    Havent found tht it works good with more complicated games, but to each his / her own :smile:

    Did you ever check out the nostromo speed pad? A friend of mine got one of hese and he says it is great for gaming.

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