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I have a toshiba mp50. The AP is a netgear Rangemax 4-port wifi. The problem is that the building has too many concrete sections, and there is only one area that has AP. Is there anything I can do to increase my laptop wifi or the AP signal. I prefer a low cost solution for the AP site, since its the company. I don't mind a mediocre solution for the Centrino laptop. Will a directional antenna a plate of aluminium foil work? Thanks
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  1. Does that accesspoint have any sort of an external antenna jack? If so you could purchase a higher db antenna and/or amplifier.

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  2. The AP is the new Netgear rangemax wifi with 4 ethernet port. Its just a machine, no antenna sticking from it.
  3. dont know about netgear but most compagny offer signal booster...

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