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Memory + Motherboard. Are theese Compatible.

This is the memory.
This is the motherboard.
I have a AMD 1100T Processor.

I have had issue's using this memory befor but everything i have seen shows it should work. Now i have a different motherboard. Will the memory work with the motherboard?
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    check the ASUS webpage for your board to confirm the cpu is on the support list . It will be , but check anyway

    Ideally use RAM rated for 1.5 volt operation . Phenom doesnt need that but if you were to upgrade to a piledriver CPU you would need that so its effective future proofing
  2. Yea i already have the 1.6V memory, the 1100T is on the supported list. I currently have some cheap memory installed and i am having problems with it now. SO instead of having to buy anything else i want to use the corsair memory. Thats kindof why i want to know if its Possible. Maybe lower the voltage on it? Any thoughts?
  3. 1.6 volt is fine for Phenom . You are good to go since you already have it
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