Dell Latitude HDD problem: "Bad or missing loader-system halted."

Can anyone please advise possible ways to fix this problem, so that I can retrieve data, before replacing the HDD.
Thanks, Brian.
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  1. Hi

    is that the exact error message ? as Google does not find anything but your post
    Is it from BIOS or Windows loader ?

    You need to have access to another working PC to download the Hard disk manufacturers bootable diagnostic dos disk
    (available as an ISO to burn to CD using)
    Seagate's version will test but not repair other brands

    If this test passes you need a bootable rescue disk examples:- Parted Magic, ubcd, Rescue Disk (Linux disks) and copy off important files to USB disk. (Hard disk does not need replacing)

    If Hard disk diagnostics test fails ask for more advice as continued use can prevent later data recovery

    The aboverescue ISO's are ready built and only need burning to CD (ImgBurn recomended)

    Win PE1 (XP) or Win PE3 (7) rescue disks need more time & skill to build.


    Mike Barnes
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