Not sure which is broke - graphics card or monitor!

I've signed up here as I'm desperate for some help and would really appreciate some sound advice!!

Basically I bought a new desktop and within three hours, my monitor (which is not new but has worked without problems since I bought it a year ago) started losing it's colour, with purple, green blotches appearing.

The blotches and 'gritty' screen vary on what I'm doing, they appear worse on the desktop or a site with heavy graphics but when using IE it's noticable but not too bad.

A friend suggested that it the computer must have arrived with a faulty graphics card and that the monitor would be fine.

However, when I've linked my monitor up to my laptop, the screen continues to appear distorted.

I'm really confused about all of this:

Either my year-old montior (LG W43 series) has suddlenly broken within a few hours of my new PC

or, my graphics card has somehow affected.

And, why does it appear worse at certain times, i.e. displaying graphics etc.

As I said, I'd really appreciate any help and advice. I'm not too clued up when it comes to this sort of thing!
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  1. It's probably your monitor if it still happens when you hook it up to your laptop.
  2. Since you plug it on a laptop and you still get the same issue, try plugging in a different monitor in your new system. See if it fix the issue.
  3. I dont really want to risk plugging in another monitor incase it breaks!
  4. Well if you are scared then better change your Graphic cards...
  5. matbur said:
    I dont really want to risk plugging in another monitor incase it breaks!

    How would plugging in a monitor make it break?
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