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I am starting up a new rig, and I was wondering what I should get, is the i5 3rd gen worth the money? And is it also better then the 2nd gen, I'm very curious for awnsers, thank you for responding :D
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  1. Ivy will be quicker at stock speeds, but Sandy will OC further, to a point that can equal (and can even surpass) Ivy (those would be rather high OC's though).

    For a new rig, my recommendation is to go with Ivy, with the caveat that if you want to OC beyond 4.5, you'll need some very good cooling. 4.5 on Ivy equals about 4.8 on Sandy, though, just for that info.
  2. On an average IB performs around 5% better than SB at the same clocks......i'd suggest u buy the IB if the difference in prices is less than 10% :)
    One advantage of IB chips is that they draw 18W less than SB at full load :)
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