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I have this computer
I already have an 825W psu so don't worry about that I'm just wondering the best graphics card I get some people have been telling me the 670's but I do not want to buy one if it won't work with my system, I plan on upgrading everything in this computer including the case
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  1. It'll work with any GPU you want, since the case will be upgraded too. Some cards might have been too long to fit inside the HP case (don't really know), but that really doesn't matter if you're gonna replace it anyway.
  2. So if I buy the 670 now it won't bottleneck while I'm in the process of upgrading each upgrade will take about a month
  3. Nah, the 6120 (assuming that's what's in it) may be a small bottleneck, but it's not a big enough concern that you should get a lesser GPU because of it.
  4. Ok, Do you know if I'm going to have to upgrade the case and mobo at the same time or does that matter at all?
  5. It would be better to upgrade both at the same time, yeah, since it's less work in the end.
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