New System

core i7 2700k o.c 4ghz -4.3ghz

NZXT havik 140 cpu cooler

asus p8z68-v gen3 mobo

8gig 2133 g skill ripjaws

1tb wd caviar black HDD

OCZ Vertex 3 60GB SSD


ANtec HCG-900 HIGH Current Gamer

gonna use my old 6870 1gb ice q for video card as it sitll works good and upgrade l8r

the nzxt is big it will fit ok in that case right ? and wont damage mobo or cpu since it is so big >
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  1. is this for gaming?
  2. Get an i5 and some normal 1600 MHz RAM. The difference will get a you second 6870 for XFire.
  3. i agree with Finneous
  4. nah im not getting another i5 my old system was a i5 then it broke only thing working from it was the gfx card so im not actually paying for the gfx card using the 6870 form old system.

    just want to make the shure the NZXT havik 140 will fit in the K-62 case ok
  5. I doubt it "just broke". Hyperthreading can slow down games.
  6. That's a hard question to answer. The case is 214x496x492mm (W, H, D) and the cooler's height is about 200mm. I can't find the dimensions inside the case but I'm pretty sure the other 292mm will cover up the width of the side panels, mobo, and mobo backplate.
  7. azeem40 said:
    I doubt it "just broke". Hyperthreading can slow down games.

    the cpu and motherboard died meaning it no longer works so im not gonna buy the same cpu again im not getting 2011 cause six core costs to much the core 2700k was the best option for me
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