ACER 6920G -> 3 monitors (laptop,VGA,HDMI)

Is there a way to display 3 monitors at the same time on one laptop.
I have connected one external monitor to VGA and one to HDMI.
I can use every combination of two of them at the same time but when I want to choose 3 at the same time there is an error:

"This video card can work with the number of monitors:2"

Is there a driver or software to send data to VGA port like extension of screen?

I have ACER 6920G with GeForce 9500S.
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  1. Most highend video cards don't have enough power to output to 3 monitors at the same time. For example, my radeon hd 6970 can do 2 monitors but when i try a third I get a windows display error. On the other hand, my 6990 can do 3 monitors but we are now talking about a $700 video card. I would save the headache and stick with 2. BTW, I have an acer 5935G that has a geforce gt120m and it can only do 2 displays at the same time.
  2. I figured out my problem and the easiest way to do what I want is to buy an USB Display adapter with DVI to to VGA plug.
    I bought one for about 50$ and now I have only one laptop ACER 6920G with video card GF 9500S wich support 2 displays and the third connected to the adapter.

    I bought something like that:

    And it looks like that now:

    I hope someone finds it helpful.
  3. Glad it worked out. Wasn't thinking of using an external device but that will certainly do it.
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