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I just built my new computer the other day, each fan i have has a 3-pin connecter, 3 of my fans came with i think its called a molex plugin where it has 4 pin like things sticking out or the opposite.

My Asus z77 Lk has 3 onboard fan controllers i beleive but they are 4 pins in a row, while the fans regular plugin only supports 3 pins.

Can i buy an adapter to plug my fans directly into my motherboard? or should i buy another molex adapter to plug directly into the psu?
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  1. No adapter needed. The 3 pin connectors will work on the 4 pin connections on the mobo without a problem.
  2. Wouldn't even trying to plug one in damage the 4th pin on the mobo?
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    Nope. They way the connectors are made, they can only work one way, and you'll see that on the mobo. They're meant to be used with both 3 and 4 pin fans.
  4. I just plugged both my exhaust fans directly into the mobo, but the big fan is Red and at around 400 rpm in the bios, does red indicate a major issue?

    the fan only gets up to 800 rpm i beleive.
  5. Just set it to a lower minimum in the BIOS. My guess is that it's set to something like 600 RPM. You can even turn off the alert completely, if you want.
  6. Eh i just plugged the 200mm fan directly back into the power, the mobo was making it whine by changing its rpms constantly.

    But srsly, ty, now i have all my fans running successfully.
  7. You're welcome. :)
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