A big cpu only supporting 1600mhz ram? anyway to make it work with...


I was told it only support 1600mhz ram. I got one set of Quad Channel ram that is 1866.
Do i really have to underclock the ram to get it to work with that cpu or can i tweak something to make it take full advantage of the ram?
Will it even post being that it doesn't support it?
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  1. Incorrect. The LGA2011 processors and mobos are made to support quad channel RAM (like you got) and speeds up to 2133MHz if I remember right, so your 1866 is fine.
  2. That's the CPU integrated controller. Your motherboard you get will have a different number, like this one for example:


    Click on Details tab and look at the RAM speeds...
  3. so the CPU doesn't really matter as long as the board works with it?
  4. On the nose my friend :) It's like a 3 person dance, the CPU matches the Socket on the mobo, the RAM runs fast enough for both. They all accentuate each other but each have different 'moves' to make the dance work.
  5. 1600 is the stock speed, not the only speed it supports. Running it higher is an overclock. Being integrated is irrelevant, you can adjust the speed either way.
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