Are these good specs for a mid end computer?

Can someone tell me if these specs are good for a mid end PC:

2x PNY 2GB 1333Mhz
1x 1GB Gainward GT520 Fanless PCI-Express Video Card
1x Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P G41 S775/DDR3/VGA/uATX Motherboard
1x 1GB Gainward GT520 Fanless PCI-Express Video Card

On the computer I want to browse the internet with flash.I want to install windows 7 too.I would also like to play games like League of Legends and Need for Speed Carbon.Will the configuration play GTA IV and Call of Duty.

Thanks for replies
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  1. I had a mistake i meant 1x Intel Dual Core 3.0GHz Socket 775 E5700 not two 1GB Gainward GT520 Fanless PCI-Express Video Card
  2. Internet- yes
    Flash- yes
    Window 7- yes
    LOL- yes
    NFS:C- yes
    GTA IV- no
    COD- yes

    How much?
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  4. No. Why would you buy a CPU that old?
  5. That CPU is NOT okay for Gta Iv. It will run at less than 20 frames per second.

    DO NOT get a gt 520. The gt 430 has much more performance than the gt 520, but costs around the same. Look it up!
  6. Well, if you really can't upgrade I'm sorry but that REALLY isn't the best rig for gaming. You coul probably play late 2009 games MAYBE and behind, but games like GTA, I'm sorry I have a QUAD core and I get only 12fps. So... yea.
  7. It is an average computer. Internet and email will be fine and fast enough.

    Games can be played at low settings.

    Value used around $200
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