Looking for a good midtower case

I am lost in finding a good midtower case. These are the things I am looking for.

1. Light
2. Able to fit watercooling options
3. east to transport and carry
4. Does not take up alot of room.
5. Well priced
6. Has the option too hold a 2.5 inch drive

Thanks again!
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  1. I have an Antec 300 and love it. They just came out with a 302 with front USB 3.0 and better cable management. I plan on upgrading as soon as I have the extra cash. It doesn't have 2.5", but that is easily solved with a bracket, and as for water cooling, I have a Corsair H50 (sealed water cooling) but the case is roomy enough that I'm sure I could have done a DIY setup.


    For your consideration :)
  2. +1 for Antec 300
  3. also +1 for antec

    im personally cooler master haf series fan but i dont know if it would suit your "easy to carry" condition ;>
  4. This is what I was looking for. As for room how much does it take up compared to full tower case?
  5. and it should hold a ATX mobo right?
  6. and where can I find a bracket for a 2.5 inch drives?
  7. It's typical mid tower sized (couple feet high +/-) and it holds a ATX board just fine, I have an ATX Gigabyte Z68 in mine with 2 5770's and a wireless PCI card even, 3 HDD, 2 optical and a fan controller :) Room to spare.
  8. fractal design core 3000 bro

    its like the antec 300 but BETTER! it has built in 2.5 inch drive mounts. has nice watercooling space. and its not as big.


    or you can get the antec ONE. its almost exactly like the antec 300 but with a little extras.

  9. The antec one is what I am looking for. Its light and doesnt seem to take upo much room. Seems good enough for water cooling.

    This was also mentioned in a post. My mobo is and ASUS Sabertooth x58

    Cons: More of a nitpick than anything else, the 120s it comes with only have the 3-pin connectors and Antec didn't ship any molex-to-3 pin fan adapters with the case, my motherboard only had one fan port on it so the other one is going unpowered until I order a splitter. Not enough to knock an egg off for but would have been nice if they had included the molex adapters or a Y-spliiter.
  10. I have decided to go with the corsair V6 and the Fractel Design 3000. Will the corsair V6 fit in the Fractel Design 3000.

    V6 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103089

    Fractel Design 3000 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811352010
  11. sorry for the ultra late reply but cool pick bro. hope it comes out great.
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