Amd Phenom II 1045T for home server?

I am currently updating my home server. I have set my budget for under $300. I built a rig on Microcenters website which includes a Amd Phenom II 1045T ($99) and a Asus M5A97 motherboard ($44 with purchase of Amd CPU) 8 GB DDR3 Corsair 1333 MHz RAM (or Corsair 1600 MHz RAM I don't know if it's worth the extra $10?) diablotek EVO case ($39.99) and a Inland ILG 400 watt ($22 PSU). Main reason I'm going through microcenter is because they have a local store to me. So my main question is, Is the CPU a good choice? I will be using windows home server 2011. It will be used to back up 5 computers/ file access and remote connected. Microcenter also has a and FX 6100 for $119. Would have be a better CPU to get for $20 more? The grand total is $261 with tax (I already have the hard drives and OS).
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  1. I'd say stick with the 1045T...its also a 95W CPU, and shud perform similar to the FX. Save the $20:)
    U cud probably even try experimenting with undervolting at stock clocks if u have time, it can save u some small amount of power:) The artic ice sheets are melting at an alarming rate it seems:D
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