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I just recently got a new system and the first thing I did when I booted up was to check my temperatures using CPUID Hardware Monitor just to make sure everything was running normally. HWMonitor says that my cores 0/2 are running ~8-10 degrees C hotter than cores 1/3 on idle. While idle, the temperatures for 0/2 are around 30-33 and 1/3 run around 22-26 degrees C. When I'm running some games the temperatures all even out at around 45-50 degrees C. The sensor that reads "package" runs about the same temperatures as core 0/2. Should I be concerned about the temperature differences? It seems that its still running at reasonable temperatures despite the differences, but the difference seemed so large it confused me. I haven't overclocked it yet and the heatsink I'm using is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. If anyone could clear up the confusion, thanks!
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  1. possibly faulty sensors :)

    FYI, I remember reading a PDF from Intel regarding the Wolfdale's sensors....it seems they get more accurate as they reach the max Tj value....below 50C the sensors are inaccurate and also have a large delta between them.....but this was way back in 2008....don't noe how the sensors work in these new chips thses days:)
  2. TJmax below 75C is unlikely. For Ivy Bridge (3550), it is 105C.

    50C still sounds pretty low even for TCase and for IB, it is 65C.
  3. nah, i just meant below 50C Intel suggests not to take those readings too seriously.....Tj max is at 100C IIRC.

    In my case however, i have a almost constant 7 degree difference between cores all the way upto 74C. Never exceed that temp :)
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