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Non responsive card without connecting auxillary power supply

Hii all,
i just got an HD6750 but the PC dosent even boot up(nor does graphics card fan spin) without connecting the auxillary power connector to the card.
Getting new PSU in a couple of days but is there no way that my 400W current PSU support the graphics card?
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  1. Trying to run the card without connecting the power connector to it can kill your motherboard so don't try.
  2. there should of been adapter with your card, (4 pin moles to 6 pin video) 6750 can run on 400w PS no problems

    looks like this
  3. i got no adapter with the card ... ordered one just now..
    i heard that some cards give error messages and some just crash when power connector is not connected but mine does none :(
    my mobo is fine, currently using my old gt240 no probs and waiting for new PSU or the adapter .
    Just hoping that my HD6750 is fine and the and will work as soon as i connect the auxillary power supply .
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    My does nothing as well, the only thing that should happen is maybe you get beep code from bios that video card not present.
    i would call it a bad situation where you actually managed to boot without power cable, since when idle video card requires little power, but when start game it would exceed the power provided by PCIe slot and most likely kill board (or just shut down)
    So ya,, nobody should try it like that
  5. i dont have my on board speaker connected so i cant hear a beep sound :P anyways thanks all for your replies .... i will post as soon as i get new PSU or adapter
  6. Ohh yeah ...everything works great with my new Corsair cx 500 ^_^
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