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GPU for PCI or replacement of slot or adapter or converter for slot

HELP! My graphic card (ZOTAC Geforce 9500gt 1gb) got shot nd with it my PCIx16 got burnt nd bent. My system req. is Intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz,2gb ram,Motherboard is Asus P5NMX. I had one PCIx16 which is now damaged. I still have a 2 PCI slots left. Is there a way to repair d x16 or replace it? or r there any GPU's 1gb geforce 9seriers higher availible for PCI or can i get a adapter of converting d PCI slot to x16 nd then buy a card for it?
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  1. New motherboard is the easiest repair and unless you are handy at fixing boards yourself also the cheapest. You used to get PCi graphics cards but they are ancient ie 64Mb DDR1 RAM ish.
  2. I agree with u but its not possible with me can I get an adapter fr d PCI slot to convert it to x16 nd then buy a good card fr it?
  3. It has integrated graphics which though crap are better than anything PCI so just buy a new 775 board for around $40+ or splash out and get a 1155 board a Pentium Gxxx and 4Gb DDR3 RAM from $120. Or just use the integrated graphics.
  4. PCI does not have the bandwidth to use a modern card (or even a 5 year old one).
  5. I just noticed you hace a PCIE x1 slot which you can get an adapter for but it will cripple the performance of any modern card
  6. is there a way of replacing d x16 slot because its just not possible to buy a new board because im not allowed. iv seen some sites like tigerdirect nd there was a sparkle geforce 95oogt 1gb availible for PCI so can I atleast get one like that its very important?
  7. I dont need a modern card I need a card 1gb ddr2 atleast 8series above fr my games to work well
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    You can't get an adapter, because the bandwidth of PCI and PCI-E isn't the same, therefore you don't get the performance it should, so nobody actually makes it :).

    You can get a new motherboard+processor+ram combo at newegg

    Total: $230

    And yes, you can stay with the Integrated Graphics on the processor, it is the same as your current GPU according to tom's hardware GPU hierarchy chart. This will also bring you an upgradebility if you want to add a discrete (dedicated graphics card) on it.
  9. The integrated graphics is 512 mb ddr1 7 series I atleast need 8series for my games to work because currently non of them do , so is there any card for PCI or a replacement fr PCIx16 slot availible or can i replace d same mother board at a very low price?
  10. my price range is 70$ minimum
  11. OK, replacing the motherboard only is fine. There is some PCI cards lying down the market, but I heard that they aren't worth it and it's best to get a PCI-E card (don't know in reality though, I do not own PCI graphics).

    If you can only replace the motherboard, do it.
  12. can u tell me d price of my motherboard [...] 775/P5NMX/
    will i get it in india,mumbai for $50
  13. can this list of games work on my integrated graphics-:spider-man3,tom clancy hawx,transformers2,call of duty2,cssource,far cry2<etc
  14. this is my integrated display:-
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz (2666 MHz)
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 2)
    DirectX version: 9.0
    GPU processor: GeForce 7050 / nForce 610i
    Driver version: 258.96
    Core clock: 500 MHz
    Memory clock: 100 MHz (200 MHz data rate)
    Memory interface: 32-bit
    Memory: 512 MB
    Memory type: DDR1
    Video BIOS version:
    IRQ: 22
    Bus: FPCI
  15. I don't think so all of them might, but if you can change your motherboard and put at least 6670 there, They will run flawlessly.
  16. pci and pcie x1 card are available in market


    pcie x1 slot is faster than pci

    you just need to search the market, you can easily find them in india
  17. if I replace d same board with a new one but d same model then can anyone suggest me a gud gpu 2gb if possible that will atleast work for 2-3 years . nvidia if possible in india with 3dvision nd hd video
  18. What's your budget in usd?
  19. Do not get the '2GB Nvidia' because it will probably cost 20000 rupees or more which is probably really far from your budget. I also don't find any 560 ti 2GB which I saw in newegg in indian online store. And 2GB will not advance you through from 1GB when playing at 1080p or below. If you like nvidia card and really want to have that 'work for 2-3 year' assuming you mean the performance of it'll last well, take a look at just a single gigabyte 560 ti or 6950. But then you need a Processor/CPU and motherboard upgrade, so I suggest you don't go any over 7500 rupees, and you can get 6770 at that budget, and I don't think it'll bottleneck. Also should play well at 1366x768.
  20. have you actually tested that the motherboard (/rest of the pc) still works? If the slot got damaged it might have broken other stuff as well... :/
  21. 45$to100$
  22. yes d slot is only damaged ather components r working:)
  23. so which would be a gud card for me that will work for atleast 2-3 years nd will not get shot. because i had a zotac geforce nd it got shot twice once in may nd now a few moths before. i am very unhappy with zotac nd therefore id prefer directly from nvidia or ati
  24. pazdindalal said:

    Without the motherboard right?

    You can go for 6670 that you can find on 5000 rupees.
  25. which ati 6670? how much gb nd wats d info. can u post d details
  26. with d motherboard
  27. It's DDR3 and 1GB, HIS brand. Regardless of brand you should find one 5000 rupees in your nearest local computer store. However you can go about 5500-6000 rupees and find one with GDDR5 which will boost the performance, GDDR5 is faster. And don't go over 1GB, that's my advice. Because it is useless if you go for a 2GB card when the gpu (graphic processing unit) is weak.
  28. nd any nvidia card is there even for 1gb gddr3 to 5
  29. I think if you have budget lower than 10000 rupees except GTX 460 or probably GTS 450 go with radeons. Now since your budget is ~5000, go with radeon 6670 :).
  30. d board might cost me 1000 then i still have 8000 left so is there a card left
  31. What do you mean it got "shot"? I guess you might have PSU problem..
  32. it got damaged
  33. How? Give us more info!
  34. If you have 8000, I advise you to get a new PSU.
  35. no need it seems my PCIex16 is working, it only got disabled due to ram slots getting ocupied, so now i bought a zotac geforce 9500gt 1gb ddr2 128 bit
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