3770K or 3820 for a gtx 690

Which one would be better for my gpu?


The 2011 platform is superior to 1155, but I expect this computer to perform expertly, as is, for 4 years and still be maxing out the latest future games.

...So no plans on touching this system for several years,

but let's say 4 years comes and goes and I need to replace the gpu, and the unthinkable happens and I need better than the 3770K for gaming.

Have I shot myself in the foot for not having the socket 2011. Not only will I have to bottle neck my future gpu, but I wont even be able to solve that be getting a better processor.

I would have to buy and ENTIRE new computer.

Could anyone tell me what exists at the moment that actually DOES bottle neck a 3770k?
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  1. 3770k is most fastest cpu from intel, niether GPU could bottleneck by this cpu i5 3570k also won't bottleneck niether GPU, so for gaming i'd go with the 3570k could serve 5 or more years.
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