I need help on choices! and expertise!!!!!!!!SOS!!!!!!!

Hi there! I don' really have a "large" experience range with computer so ill get to the chase.
I am recently thinking of building my first gaming PC.
Now i don' want to bore you to death with specifics so ill just to tell you what
I want to know

1. i want to know how many FPS i will get with GTX 550 TI in SLI mode on BF3 and or Crysis 2. Both of these on their max setting without AA because of this theory "high resolution no AA, low resolution yes AA".
(Also relates with 2)

2. i also want to know whether i should get a AMD FX-6100 six core 3.3ghz 14mb cache socket AM3+95w unlocked
A Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge?(in terms of speed and performance)
And can i run either one of these cards on this MOBO, Asus P8Z68 M Pro DDR3

This is the URL:

3. can i install 550 TI SLI on this MOBO even if the graphics card is a DDR5?
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  2. Your mobo does not SLI and you can not put an AMD CPU in an Intel base mobo.

    I suggest you to get a better single card instead of using 2 card simply because it is an easier set up for you.
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