G630 enough for BF3 MP?

Since the G630 always fared so well in single-player, I wanted to create a build around it and a Radeon 6950.

However, I just read that MP is extremely CPU reliant and therefore the G630 would severely bottleneck my GPU. Is this true?

If so, what would be my best bet in the below 100 euro range: Phenom II 965 or FX 4100?
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  1. The Phenom II. BF3 multiplayer really taxes CPU resources.
  2. BF3 MP crushes even the i3 2100. Go with a quad if you plan to play BF3 MP.
  3. Quote:
    got it overclocked yet.?

    hasn't arrived yet, but planning to oc to 3.8 ghz once I get a new cooler.
  4. Quote:
    good easy clock.... (stock voltage)
    what CPU cooler have you finally decided on.?

    None yet. First want to see noise and temp levels with stock cooler.

    Do you know a good, budget one?
  5. Quote:
    how much budget?

    as little as possible. I will try to oc to 3.5 on stock cooler and then I want to pick a new one up in the US for ~20$ish.
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