Need advice, new build under $2000 gaming mainly, First time builder.

Budget Range: the cheaper the better but still high quality. $2000 or LESS

Ill mainly be using the PC for gaming and rendering videos and such. I'd love to have the highest possible FPS playing Battlefield 3 on HIGH graphics or so. (cant stand low graphics)
Parts Preferences: INTEL

Overclocking: Definitely - just the CPU

SLI or Crossfire: Yes, in the future ill be upgrading it.

some background info:

Right now im on a laptop that overheats frequently and isnt compatible to the newer games coming out and i really need to upgrade. (temperatures for my laptop go anywhere from 70 degrees C to 105 C Yes thats EXTREMELY hot. I know thats bad. i fried my battery, the wireless, my hand, and even my lap when i first got this thing.. its about 19 inches and what not and i didnt really want to get a cooler or anything for it when i can just get a desktop now.

Really excited about building my first gaming pc from scratch hehe. :bounce: :bounce:

So, I've been researching for a couple months now, I think i have all the parts id like to put in the system but im not 100% sure so im here for some advice. Future expansion options is a must have for me.

Heres some of the parts id LIKE to be put into the build.

OS: Windows 7 home or ultimate.

HAF X case (really love the feel of that one and it will be big enough for future upgrades as well) (open to suggestions though)

I prefer this one : ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 Intel Z68 but im open to suggestions.
Other mobo selections:
GIGABYTE Z68X-UD7-B3 Intel Z68 Link:

GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 Intel Z68 Link:

(I'm aware of barebone kits)

Id like the intel core I5 2500K or 2550K cpu but again im open to suggestions.

Corsair CMPSU-850AX AX850 Power Supply - ATX, Modular, 850 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, 120mm Ultra-Quiet Fan :: or the 750 watt alternative. modular cabling is a big point for me, less cable management for me to take care of. also the system will be in my living room so id like it to be pretty quiet. (open to suggestions on other psu's)

Id like to have 1600 RAM 8GB minimum. will be expanding later. please suggest some good reliable/quality brands and such.

I was looking into NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (currently have AMD based pc and dislike it)

WATERCOOLING/FANS: Temperature info:

Ive looked into watercooling and would love to either build my own loop or just get one of those that are closed. just cooling the cpu. not sure of the cost differences between cooling just the cpu with the loop or expanding to the gpu and memory and i dont know if it would benefit me that much. ambient temperatures typically run from (winter 0 degrees fahrenheit to 60) and in the (summertime about 70 to 105 degrees fahrenheit) i definitely dont want to fry any components in this thing. so i dont know if fan cooling alone will actually cool the entire machine or not, i live in USA Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA. just giving you some idea.

HDD / SSD: (question)
is it worth the hassle to use the intel smart response technology or should i just have the SSD and HDD 2TB seperate, OS on the ssd. not sure how the "SRT" works and stuff, really confused even trying to explain what i dont understand :( totally up for suggestions and help here.

Already have a monitor/tv for use with the machine. have keyboard and mouse as well. speakers too even though the sub is cracked.. hehe. :kaola:

All advice is appreciated immensely.

Earlier today i found a barebones kit that looked quite interesting. heres the link:

Sure its not the best case or the most epic build. but it seems like it would do what i need, and a cheap price too. not sure on the cooling.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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  1. Your specs plan looks fine. If you want to OC the CPU, how high would you need? Even at its stock speed, a 2500K is a beast already. I just hope you don't follow the hype of people having them running 4,5ghz for daily use, since they are likely to have different situation than you, even if by using the same cooler. Also, if you plan using them for something like 16/7, I won't recommend OC for higher than 4ghz. If going 24/7 like mine, go at stock all the way.

    Good hunting! Best of luck!

  2. i only want to overclock if its running choppy on some of the more demanding games and such, all i know is my current 2.1ghz laptop sucks. if anything id only do a max of 4.3. also it will be on all hours most of the week. probably 24/5. and thanks for your feedback :)
  3. an average air cooler should handle 3.8-4.0ghz overclock with no problem..... but since you're going to running your pc almost 24/7 i suggest you stick with 3.8-4.0....
    also if you're not going to use the built-in graphics you don't even need a z68 motherboard at all... since the built-in graphics cannot run games smoothly at high detail.... so even a p67 is good enough.... as for gpu whether or not you are going to buy amd or nvidia just wait until kepler to hit the shelves.... even if its performance do not live up to expectations.... but it may still affect market prices so you better hold up your purchase until then since it's pretty close you know... i've compiled a list... take a look...

    Intel Core i5-2500K - $225

    MSI P67A-GD53 (B3) - $110 after rebate

    G.SKILL Sniper Low Voltage Series 8GB F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 - $50

    CORSAIR CAFA70 - $30 after rebate

    LG DVD Burner 24X GH24NS70 - $19

    Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB - $115

    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR120GB 120GB - $130

    XFX PRO850W XXX Edition - $135 after rebate

    Rosewill THOR V2 - $130

    gpu: wait till kepler then decides...
  4. well im not sayin amd is better than nvidia, but currently they do have the best card on the planet, the radeon hd 7970, of course if you want nvidia get a 580

    case: haf x
    mobo:asus p8z68-v pro
    cpu: 2500k
    cpu cooler: cm hyper 212 evo
    video card: amd radeon hd 7970
    ram: g.skill ripjaws x series 8gb
    hhd: western digital caviar black 2tb
    ssd: crucial m4 64gb
    psu: corsair ax850
    optical drive: lg black 12x bd-rom
    (sony 24x multi if you dont care about blu-ray)
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