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Hi all,i have just built a new pc and i am having a few problems,i want to run intel rapid storage techonology but when i enable raid in the bios and then go to install windows,there are no drives detected,my question is,do i have to intstall the JMicron controller driver,i have read that it can cause a few problems. I am just trying to eliminate possible causes.
Many thanks.
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  1. Presuming that your motherboard uses an ICH10R controller, what did you do after enabling RAID? Did you reboot and press Ctrl-I at POST to configure the RAID?
  2. No,i pressed delete to get into the bios and configured Raid in there,it worked once,but after changing my ram from 1333mhz to 1600mhz which is what it is,it would not boot into windows,kept saying,select proper boot drive(which i had) or boot from boot media.So started from scratch and now my ssd and hdd are only detected if i dont enable raid. The thing is,if i dont enable raid before installing windows,i cant use IRST,that can only be done on a Gigabyte MB,i have a ASUS.
    Ps,i am sure that with enabling raid in the bios you dont then have to press ctrl l,the tutorials that i watched never did,just enable raid,intall windows,driver cd and then configure IRST.
  3. What happens when you press Ctrl-I to go into the RAID configuration screen?
  4. Tbh,its not on the screen for more than a second,i have managed to get into it once and for some reason my main HHD had been disabled,but its not disabled in the bios. I think i have a dodgy MB,i am trying again as we speak but just wanted to know if i needed to instal the JMicron controller.
  5. You don't need the JMicron unless a device is connected to it.
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