Blue Screens HyperTransport Crashing Help!!

Well, i tried to uninstall Norton 360 6.0, and it was frozen and i couldnt close it or end the process, so i restarted my computer, and since then(2 days ago), i have had 3 HyperTransport flood errors, and 3 different bluescreens. Right now i think it may be an issue with my RAM, but from what i have read it could be an issue with the video card or drivers. And really i want to get to the bottom of this, and get as much help as i can.

The first issue i want to fix is the hypertransport flood sync error. Have no idea what that is.

Second, i have had 3 bluescreens, and this is the first one, "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". I have a screenshot of this one, but not the other two.

The 2nd bluescreen was "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION". I do not have a screen for this.

The 3rd one went away too quickly for me to read.

All of this happens when i am gaming. If it means anything, the HyperTransport issues both happened when i was playing a game called Combat Arms. The bluescreens happened when i was playing Combat Arms, and 2 of 3 happened when i was playing Battlefield 3. When im on my desktop or doing something simple, my pc is fine. My cpu was OC when this happened, i removed the OC and my pc did do something weird but diddnt crash. I also loaded fail safe settings in my bios.

My Specs:
Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.2
RadeonHD 6950 1Gb
MSI 785GTM Motherboard
600w PSU

I can provide screens of speccy, cpu-z or whatever will help you guys. Thanks for reading and for any help!
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  1. sounds more RAM related than HT, try raising the ram voltage (go to 1.65 if its 1.5) if that dosent help raise the NB and HT voltages
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