Normal Temperature? i5-2500k with Hyper 212

I was wondering whether the temperatures of my new PC build are normal (specs listed below). I am running idle at roughly 29-33 fluctuating over each of my 4 cores, without overclocking. It can rise to around 35 if I'm browsing the internet and using Skype etc. During a Prime95 test, at full load without overclocking, I was sitting on 48-51 over 4 cores. Is this normal? During games I see 42-46 usually, on high graphics settings.

Specs :

Hyper 212 Evo
Antec Three Hundred Two case (with two case fans)
HD 7850
Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3

XFX Core 550W Pro
A-Data 120gb SSD
Seagate 1TB Barracuda
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  1. yes those temps are good
  2. I agree,they are very good temps,don't worry,enjoy your computer!
  3. i have the same CPU & cooler and have the same temps. you are fine
  4. Thanks all! I really appreciate it
  5. yep thems good temps. you have a lot of headroom for overclocking so what not see what you can do with it... anything under 65 is considered safe 72.5 is the max tcase so if you can get 4.5 and stay under that by 5'c or more than you have a good sample and good cooling.
  6. The forum is glad to help!
  7. During some games, my graphics card (XFX DD HD 7850) is reaching 63 degrees... Is that alright? Seems mighty high relative to other PC components
  8. yes, my 6870 hits 80C, so your doing great
  9. nna2 said:
    yes, my 6870 hits 80C, so your doing great

    Ah that's nice to hear. Thanks for the re-assuring and speedy reply, much appreciated sir!
  10. Quote:
    @ Hexit - I miss the old avatar... :/
    (old man..) :p

    he's not old, he's seasoned ;)
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