Sound Card Conundrum

I recently bought a pair of Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers for my new computer, a custom computer I built from the ground up (+/- $1,800 Gaming/Multi-Purpose Rig).

The on board Realtek ALC898 of my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 supports a myriad of input devices, but since the new speakers I bought do not have a subwoofer with them, how would I connect a stand-alone subwoofer to work in conjunction with the speakers I already have?

Most subwoofers I've seen have RCA inputs, the clamp style speaker wire inputs & outputs, and some appear to have what seems to be a 1/8" input or output jack.

Is there anyway I can use the peripherals I already have at my disposal to connect a subwoofer to my rig somehow?

Would I have to get a new soundcard that has some sort of compatible peripherals on it or are there some special cords or adapters I would have to buy?

Please guys, I've asked many people through many different channels & no one seems to have a clue.
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  1. The subwoofer output usually goes with the center/subwoofer jack when in the 5.1 configuration. A sound card will just be the same so no need to buy one just for this purpose.

    Do you already have the subwoofer or you intend to buy one?
  2. I intend to buy one, your recommendation(s) would be immensely appreciated.

    I'm not sure what cord(s) I need to hook it up, I guess it would have to be either optical or just the standard headphone jack looking cord, I guess they're called 1/8" jacks?
  3. You do not need to buy a sound card. This link explains how to connect your speakers to your motherboard. You will need a sub-woofer with an amplifier built in, or buy receiver (amplifier) separately. Receivers aren't cheap.
  4. How would I hook this up to my motherboard?

    It only has the RCA inputs, it doesn't have an LFE input, can I just buy an adapter for the RCA to be able to plug it into my mobo?
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    1/8 to RCA cable
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